7 Great Improvements that our Top 3 Products help with

Checkout 7 Amazing Qualities and Improvements that 3 of Luxurious Turquoise Sun's Organic Skincare and Personal Care Products do

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Whipped Body Gold

  1.  A little goes a long way ( can last up to 2 months with daily use).

  2.  Can Greatly Improve Eczema.

  3.  Great for Dark Spots.

  4.  Will not leave your skin oily.

  5. Packed with Vitamin E.

  6.  Great for helping prevent scarring.

  7. Helps heal Scratches, Gashes, and other small open wounds.

Crystal Clear Skin Mask

  1. Works amazingly on  reducing and eliminating blackheads and whiteheads.

  2. Works beautifully on dark spots

  3. Rough patches on skin due to rashes or dead skin build up.

  4. Hyper-pigmentation.

  5. Brightens Skin.

  6. Acne.

  7. And an amazing skin Detox in general.

Sunshine Polish 

  1. Amazing Medium Exfoliate rough enough for your lips and just rough enough for the rest of your body. 

  2. Reducing dead skin build which reduces your chances of getting black/whiteheads.

  3. Ultra Moisturizing.

  4. Helps even out your skin tone when used on a weekly basis. 

  5. Gives you an even skin texture that is smooth and soft.

  6. Glowing Skin.

  7. Helps prevent dryness.


24 K  Gold Organic Skincare Options