• This mask works for hyperpigmentation, dark spots, black/white heads, acne, skin detox and so much more... The Crystal Clear Skin Charcoal Mask is filled with essential ingredients that help give you smooth and even skin.
    *Mask are made to order however the shipping time is the same unless I have informed you of a wait ☺️.
    Jam-packed with a plethora of premium natural ingredients that are brilliantly mixed together to create an amazingly luxurious mask for all. Spread the mask on any desired area. Leave on a minute or leave on while you complete tasks. The drier the mask is the more amazing your skin will feel. The recommended time for application is at least 10 minutes.
    As with most masks if you steam the area of treatment prior to applying the mask the deeper our powerful natural mixture goes into your pores and the closer you are to your dream skin. Powerful and sensitivity are vital to this masks results.
    Our mask can be used multiple times a week to accelerate your remarkable skin transition improvement occurs immediately. In addition, the more you use Luxurious Turquoise Sun's natural mask the better your skin will feel and look. Choose the black (Bentonite Clay) option for oily to combination skin. Choose the grey (Kaolin Clay) option for dry to normal skin.

    Crystal Clear Skin Mask

    Clay; Skin Type
    • This detox mask is packed with the best ingredients to help your best skin shine through. It is truly Gold For Your Skin and is made with the highest quality ingredients.

      Ingredients: Black African Soap, Activated Charcoal, Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil, Bentonite/ Kaolin Clay, Peppermint and Hemp Castile Soap, Organic Turmeric, Glycerin