• Body Gold is great for Eczema, psoriasis, chronically dry skin in general; healing skin issues i.e., rashes of all kinds even yeast, gashes, boo-boo's, scrapes, and cuts. Uv protection, aging skin (fine lines, moderate stretch marks, etc.)


    Body gold is made with a multitude of heavy and light oils to allow it to get where it needs to be and create an ultra-moisturizing effect whenever and wherever it is used. Because of this great mix of light and heavy oils, it does not leave your skin greasy. It will help keep your skin smooth, soft, and ultra-moisturized for skin that feels as smooth as GOLD.


    Body Gold is very versatile as it is also good for your hair; in addition, it is natural, so you do not have to wonder if you are getting the best because you are. Other uses for our Body Gold include but are not limited to a brilliant natural makeup remover.


    Body Gold is an exceptional product for skin that needs a little extra moisture or to give your skin that extra glow in addition to vastly improving your skin flawlessly. See and feel a breakthrough in your skin or allow Body Gold to give you a clean face after makeup wear, either way, you have found a premium and exclusive natural product that will become a staple in your skincare regimen.

    Whipped Body Gold

    • Product is made with high quality all-natural oils and better and any fragrance added unless otherwise stated or requested are natural too.

      Ingredients: Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa butter, Beeswax,Extra virgin Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Avacdo Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Peppermint essential oil, Gold Jojoba Oil Beads