• This tool is amazing! Whether you have been having issues with black or whiteheads or you are just trying to prevent them this tool is for you. Another great benefit of this this specfic tool is that you do not need batteries just charge it up with the cord that comes with and you are good to clwan your face for atleast three times. Follow the directions in the box of the Vacuum and you will be black and whiteahead within 6 weeks depending on your use and the severity of the black/whiteheads.


    Something that should be added is that you should not keep the suction in one place for longer than 10 seconds as it will cause redness becasue the suction is powerful. 


    Luxurious Turuqoise Sun or its owner is not responsible for any issues that occur due to the misuse of this tool. However with proper use you will be black and white head free without any complications. Also redness only last about 24hours. 

    Blackhead vacuum