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How we Started

Gold For Your Skin; Gold For Your Life

Hey, I am LaTreicia Armstrong, and I am the owner of Luxurious Turquoise Sun, Natural skincare. Made with love and the best natural ingredients to give you exactly what you have been looking for. 


We are here today because, after my daughter, Solara (Sunshine) experienced her very first outbreak with eczema. I made it my business to find a natural way to help her. I extend this love and dedication to you because why stop there? When others need that special touch of love, commitment, and great natural ingredients to take care of their skin too.


Whipped Body Gold was born and she has not had an outbreak since. People never believe that she has eczema because her skin is so soft and glowing as it should be! Body Gold also helps heal cuts and scrapes. And works amazingly for diaper rashes, skin discoloration, scarring, and so much more.


I am here to help because I realize that people have issues with their skin that they want to improve. And they want to take the best care of their amazing skin and care about what they use to do so.