About Luxurious Turquoise Sun; Natural Skincare & More

Giving people an online store for Organic Skincare that goes beyond the skin

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Hello Queen/ King,

You are here because you are frustrated with your current skincare regimen. Or you don't even have one which has taken a toll on your once beautiful and vibrant glow.

You have tried this brand and that brand, and you are looking for something that genuinely works. Without all the harsh chemicals that are found in skincare products on the market today. You want skincare that genuinely cares for your skin and works.

Here is the thing though:
Your skincare should do precisely that. It should love on your skin and have you feeling yourself every day! Yes, even on those Mondays that we all dread. 

And I am here to personally help you love on and take the best possible care of your skin. 

Whether it is your face that has been experiencing breakouts. Or discoloration that has leaves you feeling self-conscious. Dry skin is a thing of the past with our skincare. Lackluster products that work in the beginning and then leave you lost once again, looking for something to help you take the best possible care of your skin.

Bad skin days?
What are those? Gone Naturally!

Hey, I am LaTreicia Armstrong Alexander, and I am the owner of Luxurious Turquoise Sun, Natural skincare. Made with love and the best natural ingredients to give you exactly what you have been looking for. 

We are here today because, after my daughter, Solara (Sunshine) experienced her very first outbreak with eczema. I made it my business to find a natural way to help her. I extend this love and dedication to you because why stop there? When others need that special touch of love, commitment, and great natural ingredients to take care of their skin too.

After extensive research and mulling over choices of a vast amount of beneficial natural butters and oils with their skin-loving properties. Whipped Body Gold was born and she has not had an outbreak since. People never believe that she has eczema because her skin is so soft and glowing as it should be! Body Gold also helps heal cuts and scrapes. And works amazingly for diaper rashes, skin discoloration, scarring, and so much more.

I am here to help because I realize that people have issues with their skin that they want to improve. And they want to take the best care of their amazing skin and care about what they use to do so. 

I have always been very passionate about helping people. I am a psychology graduate because I want to help people be the best version of themselves. When the people of the community are healthy mentally and physically, the population has no choice but to improve too. 

I incorporate both my passion for helping people and my knowledge about skincare. To bring you a product and brand that not only takes care of your skin but also improves your quality of life. Every order made comes with a satin ribbon, so you know what your skin will feel like when you use our golden skincare. Handwritten and love-filled words are on that ribbon, and that is just the beginning of our goal to add to your quality of life.


$1 of every product sold goes to the R.O.O.T. Reach Out Outreach Team is a nonprofit very close to my heart. This foundation helps the homeless population in many way i.e., prepared meals, showers, clothes and job placement. This amazing non profit is working towards getting a shelter so they can make their vision of helping people overcome homelessness and give them a family that goes beyond their time within the R.O.O.T INC. program. They will be offering case management, mental health services, food, shelter, clothing, furnished rooms and much more.***

Because of their Gold choice $2, every Whipped Body Gold sold goes to help keep this nonprofit in the lives of women and children who not only need help with transitioning. But are also grateful for all of the help that this remarkable group does. 

Golden skincare standards for all skin types! Gold for your skin is our motto, and that is absolutely what Luxurious Turquoise Sun is, Gold.

***If you would like you can donate directly to this non profit and help them get closer to their efforts to diminish the homeless population and instead give each and everyone of them somewhere to call home you can do so on the DONATE page on this website. 

Thank You in advance!!


With Love LaTreicia 

Woman, Hand, Straight Face, Posing,Brown, Afro, Cheetah Print, Scarf, Eyelashes, Sweater
Woman, Hand, Straight Face, Posing,Brown, Afro, Cheetah Print, Scarf, Eyelashes, Sweater